Summer 2021 News and Notes Update


1.  Nicole Cain appointed as Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs
Nicole Cain will assume the role of Interim Asst. Dean of Academic Affairs for the 2021-2022 academic year. We are very glad to have Nicole’s steady influence in the Dean’s office. Some of the things she will be responsible for will include overseeing our transition back to campus and fielding questions about medical accommodations.

2.   Return to Campus, Fall 2021

  • Please check the University's guidelines for the latest on community safety practices (face coverings/masks, social distancing...etc.) and vaccine requirements
  • Enrolled students are required to show proof of vaccination, but may request an exemption for medical/religious reasons. As Asst. Dean, Nicole will serve as a student liaison for student exemptions.  Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are NOT automatically granted. The exemption request form is available to enrolled students by accessing the Rutgers Student Immunization Portal. A valid student NetID and password are required to access the immunization portal.


1. Nicole Cain will also serve as Interim Chair for July/Aug.
Nicole Cain has graciously agreed to cover Chair roles in the absence of Dr. Brian C. Chu, Chair, Department of Clinical Psychology. Please forward questions you traditionally would ask of Dr. Chu to Nicole for July and August. You may also email Julie if you’re unsure where to go.

2.  Connie Hoyos-Nervi assumes a full-time role in the Clinical Department
Connie Hoyos-Nervi will help cover vital coursework, supervision groups, and oversee our practica and externships, as always.

3.  Stephanie Lyon-Stirling assumes a full-time role in the Clinical Department
In addition to Connie, we are glad to have Stephanie's talents full-time as well to cover vital coursework, supervision, and maintain the ADHD clinic/practicum.

4.  Comps are coming!
Good luck to the rising 3rd year students who will be taking General Comps 7/12 – 7/18 and Clinical Comps 7/19 – 7/25! We have tried to keep the structure similar to last year to help people prepare.

 5.  We are searching for two tenure-track faculty!
Due to recent and upcoming retirements, we have been authorized to seek two new Clinical Dept, faculty at the Assistant/Associate level. One faculty line will prioritize Diversity Sciences and/or youth/family work; and the second will prioritize Interventions Sciences/Dissemination & Implementation. Candidate identification from an under-represented background will be taken into consideration considerably. Please do help spread the word, and please do get ready to help recruit in the fall – this means attending job talks, meeting candidates, and giving your input. We will be doing something new this year by adding a student rep to the search committee to represent student voice.

8.  Fall Course Changes

  • For 2nd year students: Usually Social/Developmental course takes place in the Fall, but we will be switching Ethics to take place in the Fall instead. Soc/Dev will be offered in the Spring.
  • Group Therapy: After a couple of years off the books, David Panzer will be teaching this course again in the Fall. Please consider this valuable opportunity!
  • A new, two-semester sequenced course in Integrated Couples Therapy is being proposed to be taught by Shalonda Kelly (Fall) and Karen Riggs-Skean (Spring). Stay tuned for more details about this exciting new offering!
  • Family Therapy: Likley to be postponed. Please consider one of the above courses or other electives for Fall.
  • Health Psychology:  Likley to be postponed. Please consider one of the above courses or other electives for Fall.

9.  Organizational Climate
We are continuously challenged by ongoing and episodic reminders of global, local, and internal examples of bias, discrimination, and hate around us. We will continuously review our own systems and role to play in countering such oppression and supporting those affected by it. To help us assess departmental climate from the student's perspective, Sara Ghassemzadeh has produced a survey, which we ask you please consider completing by clicking this link. You can win one of two $50 gift cards!

Thank you for a wonderful year, and best wishes for a restorative and fun summer!