The mission of GSAPP is threefold: education, research/scholarship, and public service. Its goal is to prepare well-educated, qualified, and competent direct-service psychologists who have a special commitment to direct community involvement and to underserved populations--professionals who can integrate scientific knowledge with innovation in the delivery of psychological services to individuals, families, groups, and organizations. Professionals receiving a doctoral degree in psychology should be capable of extending psychological knowledge and exhibiting the high level of analytic skills and theoretical understanding needed to use existing and emerging psychological knowledge.

Core Values. We are guided by four core values that are apparent in our learning environment, centers, and clinics: 

  1. Academic excellence in preparing students for careers in clinical and school psychology. 
  2. Commitment to social justice and helping underserved populations.
  3. Diversity of students trained, approaches used, theoretical orientations followed, and populations served.
  4. Knowledge generation and dissemination using contemporary research approaches.