Our Goal: to prepare well-educated, qualified, and competent direct-service psychologists who have a special commitment to direct community involvement and to underserved populations – professionals who can integrate scientific knowledge with innovation in the delivery of psychological services to individuals, families, groups, and organizations.

Our Vision: to be the premier educator and trainer of professional doctoral level psychologists who devote their careers to improving the lives of children, adolescents, and adults – especially the underserved –  in families, schools, organizations, and communities. To address the critical and growing need for high quality mental health services, we strive to surpass our current level of excellence by:

  • Attracting world class and diverse faculty and practitioners to create, apply, and teach the most current psychological theory, science and practice to improve lives and help children and families most at-risk with severe mental and behavioral health challenges; 
  • Expanding our impact on and outreach to individuals, families, communities, organizations, and institutions, locally and globally through innovative service and research programs;
  • Implementing interdisciplinary practicum models that link our services, training, and research with schools, clinics, organizations, and other community and professional settings; 
  • Fostering the dissemination of new psychological findings and concepts

Our Faculty:  distinguished, scholarly, and research-oriented, they publish copiously and garner significant grant funds and contracts, which provide innovative training opportunities for students and leading edge service to the community.

Our Students:  among the most diverse of all doctoral programs at Rutgers University.  During a five-year, rigorous program of academic study and supervised practice, they combine course work, research, practicum experience, internship training, and dissertation to learn evidence-based practices as applied in schools, clinics, and communities.

Our Programs:  educate students in a unique combination of research, practice, and training in several theoretical approaches aimed at treating a full range of psychological problems in clinics, schools, and organizations.

Our Services:  treating children, adolescents, adults, and families who are at risk for a variety of mental health problems, with emphasis upon those who are underserved, in New Jersey, the tri-state area, and beyond.

Our Impact:  our alumni are well-trained professional psychologists who are leaders in their field and in their practice, often launching new initiatives capable of wide-scale impact in schools and communities, creating national visibility and replicable models of prevention and intervention that have been adapted across the country.