A Blueprint for GSAPP

As the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP) embark on a new chapter, we engage in developing a blueprint for GSAPP — Explore, Connect and Excel — that will position us to meet the mental health needs of the 21st century. This planning process is multi-faceted and will provide a foundation for the programs, progress and successes we pursue in the next five to ten years.

When completed, the new blueprint will build on GSAPP’s strengths, bring clarity to our decision making processes, and prepare us to tackle contemporary problems while remaining faithful to the rich traditions we value. The blueprint will position GSAPP to face the challenges that lie ahead for our school and for the profession. In this plan, we will renew our commitment to preparing students who will excel in professional practice and are equipped to assume leadership in a changing world.

Professional schools of psychology face many challenges and our response to financial and other pressures, while measured, must also be innovative. GSAPP must retain its standard of excellence as we continue to be leaders in innovative practices and serve the vulnerable. We must balance our resolve to provide quality education, while being good stewards of our resources. We must grow while maintaining what is good and valued.

Towards these aspirations, GSAPP has five workgroups tasked with developing the blueprint. A diverse steering committee of ten co-chairs will guide this effort with the support of a communications and logistics group. Each workgroup will address the following dimensions:

  1. Strengthen the academic quality of existing programs to enrich student experience, learning, and success.
  2. Identify and explore potential areas of academic growth that strengthens GSAPP’s financial position and extends GSAPP’s influence on the professional mental health community nationally and internationally.
  3. Expand and develop a strong network for alumni engagement and fundraising support.
  4. Develop annual and multi-year operating and capital budget policies and procedures that adhere to sound financial principles; strengthens GSAPP’s financial position; and supports students and faculty work.
  5. Integrate and optimize GSAPP’s various entities, operations and departments to enrich student learning and support GSAPP’s mission.

Workgroups will be supplemented by committees comprised of members from the GSAPP community. Nominations are open at this time.


Timeline diagram for the GSAPP strategic plan

Workgroup Questionaire

Part I

Blueprint: Stage 1 – Exploration (view blueprint descriptions and co-chairs) in any of the areas below.

  1. Strengthening academic quality
  2. Identify and explore potential areas of academic growth
  3. Alumni engagement
  4. Develop budget policies and procedures
  5. Integrate and optimize GSAPP’s various entities, operations and departments
  6. Integration/Writing/Communication Workgroup

Part II

If you would like to give any feedback on any of the blueprint workgroups or nominate someone for one of the workgroups, please email Sylvia Krieger , by clicking on her name and put “blueprint nominations”. For any comments on any of the areas, put “comments” in the subject line.

Strengthening academic quality

Elisa Shernoff
Elisa Shernoff 
School Psychology 
Elisa Shernoff
Shireen Rizvi 
Clinical Psychology

Identify and Explore Potential Areas of Academic Growth

headshot of Terry Wilson
Terry Wilson 
Clinical Psychology
Headshot of Anne Gregory
Anne Gregory
School Psychology
Headshot of Nancy Boyd-Franklin
Nancy Boyd-Franklin 
Clinical Psychology,

Alumni Engagement

Headshot of Peter DeNigris
Peter DeNigris
Alumni Organization President
Headshot of Lew Gantwerk
Lew Gantwerk,
Alumni Previous CAP Director

Develop budget policies and procedures

Headshot of Usha Yerramilly
Usha Yerramilly
Business Manager
Headshot of Eun-Young Mun
Eun-Young Mun
Clinical Psychology

Integrate and optimize GSAPP’s various entities, operations and departments

Headshot of Craig Springer
Craig Springer
Psychological Services
Headshot of Tim Cleary
Tim Cleary,
School Psychology


Headshot of Ryan Kettler
Ryan Kettler
School Psychology


Headshot of LaToshia Wells
LaToshia Wells
Dean's Office
Headshot of Julie Skorny
Julie Skorny,
Dean's Office

Website Development

Headshot of Sylvia Krieger
Sylvia Krieger
Dean's Office