This award is presented for Meritorious Service to the Alumni Organization (AO). The GSAPP Meritorious Service Award is named in honor of Grace K. Smith, PsyD (Class of 1978). The award may be given only to GSAPP alumni, who have rendered such “meritorious” service to the GSAPP Alumni Organization (AO). Meritorious services includes unusual service in the form of faithful and continued efforts in maintaining AO activities, active participation in alumni, graduate school, or university affairs, or assisting directly in expanding the usefulness, influence, and prestige of the GSAPP community and the university.

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Frank McSweeney
Frank McSweeney, PsyD (School, 1983) is the recipient of the Grace K. Smith, PsyD Award for Meritorious Service to the Alumni Organization.
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Martha Temple
Dr. Temple has volunteered more than 10 years of service to the Alumni Organization (AO) beginning as a Member-at-Large shortly after her graduation.  From there, she served as Treasurer and Secretary.  Dr. Temple readily volunteered to fill in for any role or position when others were... read more
Rosalind Dorlen


Rosalind Dorlen
In 1992, under the tenure of then-Dean Perry London, Dr. Dorlen was a Founding Member of the GSAPP Alumni Organization (AO). She served on the Executive Board until 1999 and was also the Chair of the Program Committee during that time. In 1999, Dr. Dorlen was the co-chairperson of GSAPP’s 25th... read more
Dianne Clarke-Kudless, Psy.D.


Dianne Clarke-Kudless

I first met Dianne at a GSAPP Alumni Organization meeting and was very impressed to learn that she was not only an active contributor to the work of our alumni group but also the mayor of Tewksbury Township. Dianne exemplifies a kind of collaborative leadership that is quite effective and strong... read more

Lucy Takagi, Psy.D.


Lucy Takagi
Lucy Takagi, PsyD first joined the GSAPP AO as a student member in 1999. She was elected President of the AO in January 2009 and continued in this role until December 2010. Under Dr. Takagi's presidency, the AO hosted two award events. She engaged the Rutgers University Alumni Association (... read more
Caroline Mossip, Psy.D.


Caroline Mossip
Molly Stranahan, Psy.D.


Molly Stranahan
Molly Stranahan, Psy.D. Molly Stranahan,  PsyD graduated  from the GSAPP School  Psychology program  in 1996. Molly’s commitment and devotion to GSAPP was present since her days as a student. From 1989 to 1990, she was the co-leader of  the GSAPP  Student... read more
Bonnie Markham, PhD, Psy.D.


Bonnie Markham
From 1993 – 2008 Dr. Markham was a GSAPP Alumni Organization Board Member and served as its President from 2003 – 2006. In 2000 and again in 2005, she served on Planning Committees for the 25th and 30th anniversary celebrations of the founding of GSAPP. In 2003, Dr. Markham organized the... read more
David Panzer, Psy.D.


David Panzer
David Panzer Psy.D. is the winner of the Grace K. Smith Award. In 1991 David was a member of the committee that was instrumental in forming the GSAPP Alumni Organization.  David served as the first President from 1992 - 1994. He was also involved in developing its first bylaws and the... read more
Carole Salvador, Psy.D.


Carole Salvador
Carole Salvador Psy.D.  has been involved with the alumni organization from the beginning.  She was on the committee to form the alumni organization, she was secretary for a number of years, treasurer, and the second president of the organization. There were numerous tasks on which... read more