This award recognizes GSAPP alumni who have distinguished themselves by contributions they have made in their chosen fields of endeavor, by the leadership they have exhibited, and by the general benefits to the larger society resulting from their activities.

Cheryll Rothery, PsyD


Cheryll Rothery

Cheryll Rothery, Psy.D. (Clinical, 1992) is the recipient of the Alumni Organization Award for Distinguished Career Achievement .

Monica Indart Psy.D.


Monica Indart

Dr. Indart is a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and a Diplomate in the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.  During her career, Dr. Indart has worked at University Behavioral Healthcare as part of the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey.  She was... read more

Diane Smallwood, Psy.D.


Diane Smallwood

The GSAPP Distinguished Achievement Award is named in honor of the founders of the GSAPP Alumni Organization (AO) It may be given only to alumni of GSAPP, who have distinguished themselves by contributions they have made in their chosen fields of endeavor, by the leadership they have exhibited,... read more

Nadia Webb Psy.D.


Nadia Webb

Nadia Webb, 2014 GSAPP Distinguished Career Achievement Award

These remarks were given by Nadia Webb in September, 2014 during the awards presentation. Thank you to the alumni association and to the faculty who nominated and supported me – both when I was a student and after. It is a... read more

Jane Hochberg, Psy.D.


Jane Hochberg

Since graduating from GSAPP, Jane Hochberg, Psy.D. (Clinical, 1976) served as the Director of Clinical Services at the Family and Child Guidance Center in Orange, which was devoted to community mental health on a low or no cost basis. She spent 20 years as a consultant to the Pingry School in... read more

Ronald Siegel, Psy.D.


Ronald Siegel
Anthony D'Urso, Psy.D.


Anthony D Urso

Anthony D'Urso Psy.D. has been teaching graduate psychology for over twenty years in the area of child, adolescent and adult psychopathology, forensic psychology and clinical practice. He supervises clinical evaluations for children and adolescents at the MSU Assessment Center in the College of... read more

Howard Hall, PhD, PsyD


Howard Hall

Howard Hall, PhD, PsyD has developed an outstanding career path in the area of holistic/ integrative clinical health psychology. He has taught at Penn State, Rutgers, Princeton and Case Western Reserve School of Medicine where he is currently an Associate Professor. Dr. Hall's teaching is... read more

Fred Rotgers Psy.D.


Fred Rotgers

Fred Rotgers Psy.D. , is the winner of the 2009 GSAPP Alumni Association Award. Fred has been extremely active in the field of addictions treatment and research since his graduation from GSAPP.  He has recently been appointed Director of the Clinical PhD program at Walden University.  Previously... read more

Suzanne Philips Psy.D.


Suzanne Phillips

Suzanne Phillips Psy.D. is a member of the first raduating class of GSAPP. Suzanne began her career as a school psychologist.  In 1977 she established a private practice in Long Island. Since 1977, Suzanne has presented on diverse psychological topics to both professional and lay audiences. ... read more