Anton Shcherbakov, PsyD, BCBA

Anton Shcherbakov, Psy.D, BCBA

Clinical '16

I have been fortunate to find work that I find to be deeply meaningful and professionally satisfying. I currently work in two different settings because I like to have variety in my week, and it keeps me on my toes as a clinician. My first position is as a staff psychologist at The Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia. We have offices in Cherry Hill and Princeton. In this setting, I provide cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy to children and adults with anxiety, body-focused repetitive behaviors, OCD, and other disorders. We have a great team of clinicians and I really enjoy the work that I do. My second position is as a board certified behavior analyst (BCBA) with The Uncommon Thread. In this position, I provide in-home and in-school support for parents, ABA therapists, and teachers. I really enjoy shifting gears and getting out of the office two days a week to coach people on providing excellent ABA therapy to individuals with autism spectrum disorders. I have been very happy with my career path, and I am very grateful to GSAPP for providing me with the opportunities and training to be successful in this field.