Elizabeth Pienkos, PsyD

Elizabeth Pienko

Clinical, '14

My graduate education at GSAPP provided me with excellent training in both clinical work and research, both of which have been essential to the development of my professional identity. In particular, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct research on schizophrenia with Dr. Louis Sass in graduate school, which ultimately led me to pursue a career in academia. After completing my internship and postdoctoral training with the Nova Scotia Health Authority in Halifax, NS, I took a position as Assistant Professor at the University of Hartford, where I primarily taught assessment in the Psy.D. program. I recently accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Psychology at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY (a small town between the Adirondacks and the Canadian border), which has allowed me to turn my attention more fully to my research and scholarship. My research focuses on the phenomenology of schizophrenia and other disorders; recent projects have explored qualitative differences between schizophrenia and depersonalization disorder, the phenomenology of hallucinations, and phenomenological considerations for interviewing and treatment. Since graduating from GSAPP in 2014, I have published 17 papers, and I have been invited to give talks at Oxford University, the University of Exeter, and McGill University. In collaboration with Dr. Sass and others, I have also begun to provide training workshops on the Examination of Anomalous World Experience (EAWE), a semi-structured phenomenological interview that I co-first-authored with Dr. Sass. It is my hope that this work will broaden our understanding of schizophrenia and associated symptoms like hallucinations and delusions, providing insight into factors related to etiology, diagnosis, and treatment. I am grateful to GSAPP for providing me with numerous opportunities to pursue both my clinical and research interests, as these formative experiences have led me to a deeply satisfying and creative career.