Multi-Tiered Systems of Service: Elementary Reading Interventions

Friday, May 3, 2019 - 9:30am to 3:00pm

Location: Smithers Hall (Room 200), 607 Allison Rd, Piscataway Township, NJ 08854; Parking available on site 

Is your school exploring, or planning to implement Multi-Tiered Systems of Service (MTSS) for reading? In this session, we will provide practical guidance and hands-on activities geared toward enhancing reading interventions, with a focus on evidence-based intervention strategies in elementary reading. We will help make MTSS concrete by offering real-life examples of how schools plan, develop and implement tiered services. We will also provide training on a set of easy-to-implement, evidence-based reading intervention strategies to boost skills in phonological awareness, decoding, reading fluency, as well as comprehension.

Learning Objectives
- Essential components of a MTSS for elementary reading (screening, intervention, progress monitoring).
- Learn a set of evidence-based reading intervention strategies for basic reading skills
- Identify steps to begin implementing the supplemental reading intervention in your school
Ideal for: General & Special Educators (K-5th grades), School Psychologists, Instructional Coaches, Administrators, & Graduate Students in Education related fields

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