A Conversation with Malin Fors: A Grammar of Power in Psychotherapy

On April 1st, the event "A Conversation with Malin Fors: A Grammar of Power in Psychotherapy" was held at GSAPP Room A317. Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr. Marlin Fors discussed her research on social privilege and their practical implications for psychotherapists. Dr. Fors posited a matrix of relative privilege that includes four core patient–therapist dynamics: similarity of privilege, privilege favoring the therapist, privilege favoring the patient, and similarity of non-privilege. In this lecture, she addressed some limits of the cultural competency paradigm and explore how clinicians may act out of privilege and own their mistakes and argued that we have to talk about a more honest self-reflection and address how relative privilege is played out in the therapeutic relationship (in transference, countertransference, and resistance) regardless of the therapist's social positions.