Frequently Asked Questions

Who is right for CHAT?
  • Any child or adolescent, ages 3 to 21, who has been impacted by some type of trauma is appropriate for a referral to CHAT. Trauma includes but is not limited to: sexual abuse, physical abuse, racial/cultural discrimination, natural disasters, loss, exposure to intimate partner violence, and neglect.
  • Families can be under or outside the umbrella of DCP&P
Who is providing services?

Services are provided by doctoral students who have received extensive training in trauma informed care and the treatment modalities: the ARC Framework, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Game-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. These clinicians receive both group and individual supervision on a weekly basis.  

How do I make an appointment?

Any individual can make a referral to the CHAT clinic.
Please contact our office at 848-445-7789 or email    

What is the length of treatment?

The length of treatment is typically 16 to 24 sessions. 

Does the CHAT clinic take insurance?

No, we do not take insurance. However, we do not want money to be a barrier to treatment and work with our families to find a fee, based on a sliding scale, that would be appropriate. There is no cost to families who are involved with DCP&P.