Frequently Asked Questions


Clients are referred from Rutgers University and the surrounding communities. We are committed to being helpful to all clients referred to us, but, as a training program, we reserve the right to decide which clients will best fit our services and levels of expertise. As such, we may not accept some clients for services here, but will provide referrals to the appropriate services and levels of care.

Fees and Insurance

The services offered by the center are provided by graduate student therapists from our doctoral programs. Some of our clinics offer low-cost therapeutic services based on clients’ household income and ability to pay. If you have the Rutgers Student Health Insurance Plan with UnitedHealthcare StudentResources sponsored by Rutgers University, you will have no copay, no coinsurance or deductibles for certain services provided at the center.


When visiting the Psychological Services Clinic at 152 Frelinghuysen Road: 

Community Clients:

To avoid ticketing, please arrive at least 20 minutes early for your first appointment so that you can obtain a University parking permit from our Clinic Office Manager (unless one was mailed to you in advance). To get a parking pass, pull into the driveway for Lot 49, put on your flashers, and walk around the ivy-covered concrete wall. Walk up the stairs and through the double doors, and immediately turn right to enter the psychological clinic.

Once you have a parking pass, please park in Lot 54, located on Bevier Road, between Titsworth and Taylor Roads. If you have an appointment after 4:30 pm and are not a Rutgers student, you may request a pass to park in Lot 49, adjacent to the Psychology Building.

Faculty and Staff Clients:

Your faculty/staff parking badge allows you to park in Lot 55, but only if you have a valid hangtag and a keycard to the gated lot adjacent to the Library of Science and Medicine. Otherwise, you may park in the ungated parking lot for the Library of Medicine and Science.

Rutgers-Student Clients:

If you have a student parking hangtag from the University, please park at the Yellow lot on the Livingston Campus and/or use the campus bus system. You will receive a ticket if you attempt to park elsewhere. You may not park in Lot 49 or Lot 54.

When visiting the Center for Psychological Services at 41 Gordon Road on the Livingston Campus, you may park anywhere in the lot.