Treatment Approach

The short-term treatment model at the ADHD Clinic aims to support children struggling with ADHD symptoms and their families. Through a combination of play and talk therapy, clinicans help children develop greater self-awarness and improve their ability to regulate their emotions and behaviors. We also provide parents with psychoeducation, skills training, and support to help them better understand and support their children, and foster close, caring relationships. We believe that improving the functioning of the family system as a whole is an essential element in treating ADHD and related disorders.

Our treatment approach grew out of Dr. Francine Conway’s 2017 book: Cultivating Compassion: A Psychodynamic Understanding of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and is informed by Mentalization-Based Treatment for Children (MBT-C) (Midgley, Ensink, Linqvist, Malberg, & Muller, 2017). MBT-C is a cutting-edge, research-informed approach that has been shown to benefit children with wide-ranging difficulties as well as their caregivers.