Additional Resources

The School Climate Transformation Project School Climate Strategy Resource Guide assists school and district staff in selecting strategies that are aligned to their school climate needs and goals. The guide includes core research-based components or “look fors” that will most likely account for positive outcomes. These "look fors" will support school and district staff in evaluating the implementation of a strategy and its potential impact on school climate outcomes. 

The New Jersey School Climate Survey is a survey instrument available to support schools in collecting data to assess conditions for learning. The survey is available for students in grades 3-5, students in grades 6-12, parents, and staff.

Topic Briefs - Resources to Support Equity: The School ClimateTransformation Project Equity Topic Briefs provide timely information and resources to support schools in promoting educational equity in the school community.


Strategies to Support Equity in Schools:


Introductory Equity Topic Brief for All Staff


Supplementary Equity Topic Brief for Teachers and Teaching Staff


Supplementary Equity Topic Brief for Administrators


Topic Briefs - Resources for Remote Learning: The School Climate Transformation Project Topic Briefs provide timely information and resources to address schools’ emergent needs while in remote or hybrid learning settings. Content is gathered and synthesized from a variety of sources to provide schools with comprehensive and easy-to-access resources on promoting a positive emotional environment, student academic engagement, and positive relationships and community connectedness. 

Strategies for Staff and Families to Support a Positive Emotional Environment for Students: 

Emotional Environment for Staff Use  

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for Families 

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) for Families in Spanish 

Strategies to Support Student Academic Engagement: 

Student Participation  

Behavior Management 

Academic Integrity  

Strategies to Support Positive Relationships and Community Connectedness: 

Social Awareness and Relationships for Staff Use 

Schoolwide Connectedness 

Classroom Connectedness 

Social and Emotional Learning for Families (see links above for English and Spanish brief)