School Supports and Services

School Climate Improvement Resources

The project provides School Safety/School Climate Teams (SS/SCT) with the necessary resources to be successful at each stage in the school climate improvement planning process. These resources include data management and strategic planning tools, a strategy resource guide, and team development activities. These resources support the SS/SCT in its effort to create, implement, and monitor progress on a school-specific, data-driven School Climate Improvement Plan (SCIP).

In-Person Workshops and Online Learning Sessions

SCTP staff host four in-person workshop sessions for involved schools over the course of the three-year project. They are structured to allow time for each SS/SCT to work together as a team and to provide opportunities to share ideas with members of teams from other schools. Online learning opportunities are available periodically throughout the project.

Ongoing Consultation and Technical Assistance

Customized consultation and technical assistance are provided to participating schools throughout the three-year project period via phone, email, and scheduled onsite visits. The SCTP staff provide support to teams between workshop sessions on topics related to survey administration, interpretation of data, goal and strategy design, review and feedback of SCIPs, and team development.

School Climate Showcase and Learning Event

The School Climate Showcase and Learning Event provides an opportunity for all cohorts of SCTP schools to gather and share their school climate transformation accomplishments. This event typically features a combination of displays, multi-media presentations, and panel discussions.