School Supports and Services

School Climate Improvement Resources

The project provides School-and District-Climate Leadership teams with the necessary tools and resources to be successful at each stage in the School Climate Change Process (SCCP). SCTP staff support school personnel in using a free web-based application for school climate improvement.

The New Jersey School Climate Improvement (NJ SCI) Survey is a comprehensive instrument designed to help schools identify school climate strengths and needs, and use these data to create strategic plans to improve conditions for teaching and learning. The NJ SCI Survey is administered via the NJ SCI Platform to students in grades 3-5, students in grades 6-12, all school staff, and parents/caregivers with children in all grade levels. The survey and associated communication tools are available in multiple languages for students and parents and caregivers.

The New Jersey School Climate Improvement (NJ SCI) Platform is an online application designed to increase district and school access to tools and resources for data-driven school climate improvement planning and implementation. NJ SCI reporting features allow users to disaggregate data by various groups (i.e., grade, gender, race/ethnicity), easily compare similar domains and items across respondent groups, view automated insights and recommendations about the data, and bookmark indicators for discussion and intervention. Additional features to support strategic planning and implementation efforts will be launched as they become available.

Visit for more information on the NJ SCI Survey and Platform and how to get your district involved.

Self-directed Modules and Learning Network Events

Asynchronous, self-directed learning modules are available through the NJ SCI Platform to support teams as they implement stages of the School Climate Change Process (SCCP) in their schools and districts. SCTP staff also provide learning and networking opportunities around targeted needs related to the SCCP. NJ SCI Learning Network events offer district and school platform users the opportunity to connect around best practices in the field of school climate and center on topics such as teaming, data analysis and needs prioritization, strategic planning, strategy implementation, and progress monitoring.

Consultation and Technical Assistance

SCTP staff provide on-demand technical assistance to platform users (via email or virtual session) in the effective navigation and use of online features and workspaces. SCTP consultants offer intensive consultation and coaching to District Climate Coordinators, their district-level leadership teams, as well as school-level leadership teams in support of their efforts to scale data collection, analysis, and strategic planning. Consultation is provided on a first come, first serve basis for eligible districts/schools via phone, email, scheduled virtual and/or onsite visits, as feasible.