Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the Rutgers- CSP! 

The CSP application and admissions process are separate from Rutgers University's undergraduate admissions process; automatic registration is not a guarantee.

The CSP requires an official ASD diagnosis from all applicants across the spectrum, including Asperger's Syndrome. While no longer officially recognized as a DSM diagnosis, we realize that many current CSP applicants did receive this diagnosis in childhood. 

Click here to view and complete our  CSP 2021-2022 Application!  The deadline to submit a completed application is February 1, 2021. 

Confirmed admittance to Rutgers University is required prior to proceeding with the next steps in the CSP process.

Please Note: Responses/communication from the CSP Team will come from the email address  


In order for CSP Coordinators to make an informed admittance decision, the CSP requires:

  • A College Support Program (CSP) Online Application
  • CSP Student and Family Supplemental Documentation
  • An In-Person Family Interview (virtual, during the COVID-19 pandemic)  
  • Written (digital) Consent for CSP to Contact References Provided
  • A Possible Assessment with the RCAAS-Psychological Services Clinic (PSC)

The CSP fee of $7000 per academic year, payable in two-semester increments, is in addition to Rutgers University tuition costs and student fees.  

If you feel you can benefit from our services, please complete our CSP 2021-2022 Application to begin the process.