GPPC Research Lab

 The GPPC is committed to conducting innovative, cutting-edge research that supports its clinical practice in Sports Psychology. The following is a list of current research projects.

Covid-19 Return to Campus Study: In this online study, we seek to evaluate the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the mental health of Division I NCAA collegiate student-athletes. Specifically, we aim to examine the impact of the abrupt sports cancellation. Data collected will provide valuable insight into the efficacy of the current support the NCAA and athletic departments have in place during times of crisis. This study may also explore how athletes who experience undesired career termination due to injury, loss of a scholarship, or other reasons, navigate change. We will be studying these domains through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic, which represents a unique and stressful time. We believe our results and conclusions may be generalizable in drawing attention to the resources available to athletes who experience abrupt career-ending events.

In Limbo: The Impact of the NCAA's Season Cancellations on Sport Support Professionals. A Theoretical Paper: The COVID-19 pandemic has forced athletes to learn to navigate a world void of athletic competition and contend with the intricacies that life during a pandemic brings. Similarly, those that dedicate their lives to these athletes such as sports psychology practitioners, sports medicine personnel, athletic trainers, or academic advisors (i.e., sport support professionals) also experienced an abrupt ending to their routines, and in some cases their livelihoods. These professionals have been pushed to modify their art and find ways to engage their community from a distance (e.g., virtually or physically from a social distance).  Sport support professionals are experiencing a collective loss due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This paper addressed the impact of a global pandemic and the subsequent issues faced by sport support professionals across diverse disciplines, emphasizing the significance of these relationships and the necessary adjustments to the cessation of these relationships.