What is Mental Health

A good way to think of mental health is to think of it as physical health. Physical health or physical fitness is a sign of your physical ability, conditioning, and athletic potential. Mental fitness, as such, is a barometer of your mental ability and mental resilience. 

What is mental fitness? 

  • Mental fitness is when you feel on top of your game, you are able to focus to a point of producing success in practice and competition. 
  • Being mentally unfit is the opposite - when something is bothering you to the point of being unable to perform at the top of your game. This may be for a short while, or longer. 
  • The line between being mentally fit and unfit are fluid - there are many factors that can affect how you feel and perform and our goal is to make sure that you can do all you can to minimize factors that can push you towards being mentally unfit. And, if you are in an unfit state, to do what we can to get you back to fitness.
  • Just like physical training, we can lose our strength and fitness at times, but we can train and work hard to get back to full fitness. Mental fitness is no different.