Continuing Education Online Offerings

Beyond the Individual: A Community Beset by Racial Trauma

Live Webinar
Date: Friday September 17, 2021 
Time: 12pm- 3:15pm EDT
Instructor: Monique Swift, PsyD, LPC
Instructional Level: Introductory
3 CE credits for Psychologists
Price: $60

Course Description
The COVID-19 pandemic undeniably exposed the vestiges of historical trauma, as... learn more

Working With South Asian Families

Series of 3 half-day live webinars

Part 1: Friday October 1, 2021: First Generation Immigrants
Part 2: Friday October 15, 2021: Second and Third Generation Immigrants
Part 3: Friday October 22, 2021: Clinical Case Applications and Consultation
Time: 1 2pm-3:15 pm EDT each day
Presenter: Anita McLean, PsyD
Instructional Level: Intermediate... learn more

Healing Racial Trauma: An African Centered Perspective

On-Demand Webinar

Instructor: Monique Swift, PsyD, LPC
Instructional Level: Introductory
2 CE credits for Psychologists 
Price: $40


There has been much presented on the racial trauma in Black America and certainly much more needed. This presentation seeks to advance this conversation from a problem focused one to a solution focused one. This presenter recognizes that “solution” is... learn more

Advanced Clinical Skills for Working with Opioid Use Disorder

On-Demand Webinar

Instructor: Kevin Moore, PsyD
Instructional Level: Advanced
3 CE credits for Psychologists
**Webinar fulfills the NJ CE requirement on opioid addiction**

Price: $60


This recording of a previously held live webinar focuses on skill building among clinicians already proficient in treating Substance Use Disorder and who either... learn more

Using Games to Enhance Children’s Motivation: Applications for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

On Demand Webinar

Instructor: Erica Dashow, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Instructional Level: Introductory
1 CE credit for Psychologists 

Price: $25


In the past fifteen years, games have become more widely used to teach skills and enhance motivation in a variety of settings, such as in schools, hospitals, and the workplace.  Although the use of games has not been widely adapted in the field of psychology, the... learn more