• Before registering to audit a class, students must obtain permission from the instructor. They may then register for, and attend the course without receiving academic credit towards the doctoral degree. The credit prefix should be noted as an "N" (not for credit towards graduation.) Students must pay the normal tuition and perform all the assigned work, with the exception of the final examination or final paper. The course and a grade of S (Satisfactory) or U (Unsatisfactory) will be listed on your official transcript. Although course credit will not be given toward the degree because a student will not fulfill all requirements, a grade of "S" indicates the student has the requisite knowledge attained by any other student passing the course.
  • With the written concurrence of the course instructor, the student may switch from regular credits to an official audit prior to the fifth class meeting of a ten or fifteen week course which is not a program or school requirement. Such a request will not be accommodated after this period.