1. One student computer lab is available in GSAPP on the 2nd floor of the Psychology Building Addition with computer equipment provided by a NJ State Bond Issue.  Students will automatically gain access with their ID cards once they are enrolled. If you have any problems, see the secretary in the Psychological Clinic, Room A255. The Allison Road Classrooms (ARC) are computer labs which are also available to students with their student ID.
  2.  The Rutgers University Computing Services (RUCS) provides an electronic monthly newsletter with valuable information on computer and software updates, and no-fee and no-credit courses on various computer topics. For further information, call 445-2296 or visit the website: RUCS provides assistance in debugging programs, interpretation of diagnostic error messages, guidance in using software, and general help in solving computer problems.  The staff includes a resident statistician who is available for consultations concerning statistical or questionnaire design and analysis, data preparation and processing, and use of statistical packages.

Students once are accepted into the program are assigned a NetID.  Students are required to activate it.The link to activate their email is