Conditions of "Continuous Registration"

Generally, students should register for at least 3 credits each Fall and Spring semester until they defend their Dissertation and meet all the requirements of the program for graduation. Students are permitted, however, to register for 1 dissertation credit for one semester only. 

Students who have completed all course requirements and have taken 9 credits of Dissertation and 6 credits of Internship and plan to defend by the October 1 deadline should not register for that Fall semester. However, if you fail to meet the October deadline, you will be back registered for 3 credits of dissertation for the Fall.

For maintaining Continuous Registration during internship, see the following section below in this Handbook: “Internship Requirements: General Internship Information for all PsyDs”

A Student's Failure to Maintain Continuous Registration May Result in Termination From Their GSAPP Program 
Students who fail to maintain continuous registration by the end of the add/drop period (10 days after the semester has begun) are subject to formal termination from the program by the Program Chair.  
Re-application and Readmission to the Program
If students are terminated from the program, they cannot resume graduate study unless they formally re-apply to the program for readmission.  

Formal re-application means that the prospective student must submit a new application for admission to the Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions. (Applicants may request that previously submitted records be used.) The letters of recommendation should originate from faculty members at Rutgers with whom the student previously studied. In all other respects, including payment of the application fee and submission of official transcripts of all previous academic work, the application procedure is the same as the first application for admission.