Grading Process

Attendance in GSAPP is a privilege and not a right. Accordingly, each department evaluates each student a minimum of twice a year at departmental faculty meetings. 

Clinical Program - a student's continuation in the program will be questioned if s/he receives a total of any combination of 3 INC's (which have not been remediated to completion), NC's, or C's on her/his record, and/or failure of the written or oral comprehensive examination. Faculty will also judge the appropriateness of students continuing in the program based on supervisor evaluations, classroom attendance and behavior, and professional comportment. 

School Program - all required courses must be passed with grades of "B" or better. One grade of "C" in a required course, 1 grade of "NC" in a required practicum, or three grades of "Incomplete" are grounds for probation. Grades of "C" in two required courses, or a combination of two grades of "C" and "NC" in required courses and practica, will be grounds for termination. Two grades of "C" in one required course, resulting from a second registration in a course after obtaining an initial grade of "C", will also be considered grounds for termination.