PsyD Comprehensive Examination

The purpose of the Comprehensive Examination is to establish high standards of mastery for the integration of knowledge representing what should be known by professional psychologists, and the ability to express that knowledge. Prospective candidates for the doctorate will not be permitted to proceed to the Comprehensive Examination unless their record in course work and supervision demonstrates evidence of satisfactory progress toward doctoral-level practice. This evidence consists of both grades from course instructors and/or written evaluations from supervisors. Successful completion of all three parts of the exam, General, Program Specialty and Program Oral Specialty, is required before the Dissertation Defense can be held. Students should take the general and program segments of the exam as soon as possible after completion of courses that address exam content.

No student may take any segment of the Comps until an approved Program Proposal is on file. In the School Psychology Program, approval by the student's Advisor is necessary.

  • The General Exam is given once a year, usually in late July.
  • The Clinical Program Exam is given once a year in July, usually the week following the General Exam.
  • The School Program Exam is the Praxis II School Psychologist Test administered through the Educational ¬†Testing Service (ETS).¬†
  • Students schedule the Program Oral Specialty Exam.