PsyD Program Proposal

The Program Proposal is a written agreement between the student and GSAPP of your anticipated progress through the program. Students are expected to complete their program proposals by the end of the Spring semester of their second year. Advanced students should meet with advisors as soon as possible to discuss course waivers, program requirements, and electives. Until a student has a signed, approved Program Proposal, he or she is subject to all new requirements, which the program or the department or GSAPP puts into effect. All students are required to have an approved program proposal on file in the program's office before taking the Comprehensive exams. Program Proposal forms with instructions are available from the administrative assistant.

Any changes to required courses that are made after the Program Proposal form has been signed must be documented by completing and returning the Program Proposal Course Change form available online at HERE. Minor modifications (such as changing which elective you plan to take) can be made to your Program Proposal without such notification.