A student who voluntarily withdraws from all courses during the first six weeks of a term will receive a partial refund of tuition (and charges for room and board, if applicable) according to the week of withdrawal as follows:

First and second week: 80%
Third and fourth week: 60%
Fifth and sixth week: 40%

No refunds will be granted after the sixth week.  The effective date of withdrawal is the date on which a written statement of withdrawal is received by the registrar.  No part of the student fee is refundable.

No refunds will be granted after the tenth day of classes to students who withdraw from one or more courses but remain registered in others.  No adjustment from full-time to part-time status is made after the tenth day of classes.  If withdrawal from one or more courses amounts to complete withdrawal from a program, the provision for full withdrawal applies.

Failure to attend classes is not equivalent to a withdrawal and a student will not receive an adjustment of charges unless a formal withdrawal is filed with and approved by the registrar, regardless of whether the student actually attended classes or took examinations.

A student who drops a course in the first two weeks of the term will receive a full tuition refund for that course if that means you will be taking less than 12 credits (but not withdrawing completely).  After that date there is no refund for dropping a course. Effective dates for these actions are the date that a written change of registration (drop/add) is received by the Registrar.  Be certain the Coordinator of Student Services gets a copy of the drop/add slip before you deliver it to the Registrar's Office.