Grading Policy for GSAPP Dissertation Work

  1. At least 9 credits are required for the GSAPP Dissertation.
  2. One of the dissertation courses may be used to fulfill 3 of the 9 dissertation credits.
  3. After students have chosen a Dissertation Chair, they should sign up for dissertation credit every subsequent Fall and Spring semester when they work with their Chair on their dissertation, unless a student is on internship.
  4. The faculty member with whom they are working should give them a grade (S, U or INC) at the end of every semester during which they signed up for Dissertation credit.
  5. If an INC grade is assigned because the expected work is not done yet, the student should submit a Change of Grade form to the faculty member as soon as the work is done so that a grade is recorded. This will prevent the grade from turning into an F in one year.
  6. So that students are not registered for Dissertation credit with a faculty member before the faculty member agrees to work with them, the Student Services Coordinator will check all Dissertation registrations against signatures that she has on file from faculty who agree to Chair students' work toward a dissertation for at least one semester. Then the Student Coordinator will contact any students who have registered without submitting a faculty signature and ask them to remedy the situation. Thus, before the first semester that a student signs up for Dissertation credit with a particular faculty member, the student must bring to the Student Services Coordinator a signed form, which can be obtained from her. This is a commitment from the faculty member and student to work toward a dissertation together for at least one semester. Either party can change the commitment at the end of the semester if it is deemed better for the student to work with a different faculty member.
  7. Students should recall that they must be registered for 3 credits every Fall and Spring semester after they have fulfilled all other requirements, until graduation. Usually, these 3 credits are for dissertation. Students are permitted to register for 1 credit for dissertation work for one semester only.