Please refer to the Dissertation Manual for detailed procedures, timeline, and deadlines regarding completion of the dissertation. The Dissertation Manual can be found under the “Current Students/Dissertation Material” tab of the GSAPP website.

Deadlines posted online are the most current and students should check for any changes as they proceed through the dissertation process.

In order to graduate, PsyD students need to do the following

  1. Complete the online Graduate Diploma Application at Online Diploma Application.
  2. Upload your Dissertation to Rutgers Electronic Thesis and Dissertation site in PDF.
  3. NEW - Complete the Online Doctoral Dissertation UMI Agreement Form for Publishing - Electronic submission
  4.  To be filled out by every "clinical" student prior to graduating. Please go to the following link and complete this 5-minute survey:
    Once you have completed the survey, email the student services coordinator informing her/him it has been completed.

    Once you have met all requirements, the student coordinator will approve the degree and notify the registrar confirming your degree.

If a student is currently on internship, they will not be able to officially graduate in May of the same year. Students are allowed to walk in the May graduation even though they will not officially graduate either August or October. To walk in the May graduation, students must have met all other requirements for May graduation with the exception of completing the internship.