Grading Process

Student complaints about grades are reviewed in a progression from Course Instructor to Advisor to Department Chair to Dean, whose decision is final. If a student feels that the evaluation is not indicative of performance, s/he is obligated to see the Instructor who assigned the grade. The two should attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, by submitting a Change of Grade online if deemed warranted.

Beyond the level of the Advisor the student must specify in writing the basis of the complaint. A complaint on grading must be initiated within one month of the student's receipt of the official grade. If the Department Chair happens to be the faculty member whose grading is questioned, then the role of Department Chair is to be assumed by a faculty member appointed by the Dean. 

This procedure is designed to lead to a resolution of all incidents of disagreement over academic evaluation between a student and instructor, with the exception of the Comprehensive Examination and the Professional Dissertation.

All faculty must recognize their obligations to be available to discuss academic matters with students, to be available for review of papers with students, and to assist the University in making and defending academic decisions.