• Application Process
    1. Students apply for internship during the Fall Semester of their fourth or fifth year (from entry at B.A. level). Interviews are generally granted by agencies in December and/or January.
    2. Please check procedures and timeline on the Eligibility Checklist available from your administrative assistant.
    3. When requesting faculty letters of recommendation and the Dept. Chair's eligibility form, ask at least three weeks before the application is due.
    4. Students must be in good standing having completed sufficient coursework and clinical practica to be qualified for an internship position. Every internship application includes an endorsement by the Department Chair. Incomplete grades must be completed before the Dept. Chair will sign the eligibility form.
    5. The General and Clinical Subject Comprehensive Exam needs to be successfully passed before applying for internship. This includes the successful completion of any required remediation or retake. Advanced students who plan to apply for internship in their 3rd year should note that they will have a very small window to complete remediation in order to be eligible for internship.
    6. The Clinical Oral Exam needs to be successfully passed by June 1st of the year that a student plans to apply for internship. This includes successful completion of any required remediation or retake.
    7. The dissertation proposal must be completed and signed off by your committee members by Oct. 15th of the semester in which you are applying for internships. The Chair's Verification of Internship Eligibility and Readiness form is not sent unless the dissertation proposal is completed by Oct. 15th, and the IRB application is submitted.
    8. All Clinic paper work must be completed, as signed by the Clinic Director on the "Psychological Clinic Eligibility form." The Chair's "Verification of Internship Readiness" form is not sent until this form is signed.
  • Acceptance of Internship Offers: For internship sites that participate in the match process, students must abide by the match guidelines. 
  • Evaluation: The internship director evaluates your performance at the end of the experience. You will receive a grade of Pass or No Credit for each semester. A grade of No Credit means you have not successfully passed the internship which is a requirement of graduation. 
  • Clinical students are expected to complete internships at APA accredited sites. If this is not possible, the student must ask the faculty's permission to attend another site. The student's request should include acknowledgement that attending non-APA accredited internships may put them at a disadvantage in the future. Such an internship must be documented to meet APPIC criteria.