• Application: A student may apply for internships when all six of the following requirements have been completed:
    • An approved Program Proposal.
    • Completion of all courses listed in the Program Proposal.
    • You must have taken and passed General Comprehensive Exam
    • You must  take the School Psychology Praxis Exam.
    • All Clinic work must be completed prior to beginning Internship.
    • Each student must have a Psychological Clinic Internship Eligibility Form signed by the Clinic Director, which states that all clinic paperwork is up-to-date.
  • Description and Acceptance: A 1500 hour internship is required. 1750 hour internships may be completed in school, clinic, or hospital settings. Appropriate internships will follow the internship guidelines of the Council of Directors of School Psychology Program (CDSPP), or will be accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA), or will be a member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC). If the internship is not completed in a school setting, internship activities should focus primarily on providing psychological services for children and youth and on issues related to schooling and emotional, social, and educational development. If the internship is not completed in a school setting, at least 600 of the practicum hours completed by the student as part of school psychology program practicum requirements must have been completed in a school setting and supervised by a doctoral level certified school psychologist.
  1. No student may arrange for an internship until her or his eligibility for internship has been approved by the Department Chair. Following eligibility approval, the student may begin to make formal internship arrangements with the agency. These arrangements include forwarding to the School Psychology Practicum/Internship Coordinator, the supervisor's resume and a written contract, which includes:
    • description of the internship site and clients it serves
    • description of the supervisor’s credentials and  supervisor’s arrangement
    • goals in the internship
    • anticipated activities  to support goal attainment
    • evaluation and feedback methods planned by supervisor
    • financial arrangements
    • dates the internship will start and end, hours per day and days per week of internship, total hours of supervision
  2. In addition to any requirements made by internship supervisors, students on internship are required to prepare detailed reports, analyses, and evaluations of their work and professional development. These materials must be submitted to the School Psychology Practicum/Internship Coordinator periodically along with their evaluations by their supervisors. Failure to receive the contract and/or progress report will result in an Inc. grade for that semester. The GSAPP grade for the Internship will be Pass or No Credit.
  3. All internships in the School Psychology Program must offer planned supervised training experiences in the following areas:
    • Orientation of one's self to the specialty of School Psychology and to the schools as an institution
    • Refinement of skills in psychological and psychoeducational assessment and evaluation
    • Interventions to facilitate the functioning of individuals and groups with respect to profiting from schooling experiences
    • Interventions to improve the educational services and child care functions of school personnel, parents, and community agencies
    • Experiences in consultation to school personnel and parents concerning specific school related problems of youth, as well as consultation to the staff regarding professional problems and school and community organizational problems
    • Program development and evaluation/research of school psychological services
    • Supervision of school psychological services

Detailed guidelines dealing with all internship requirements and procedures are available from the Administrative Assistant. 

Requirements and Expectations for School Psychology Internships 
Intern Qualifications: Students at the internship level must have already completed a minimum of three years of graduate course work as well as a minimum of 1150 hours of supervised experience, including two and a half academic years of practicum, of which you will need a minimum of one day per week in a public school setting for three academic semesters.