All matriculated students must be in continuous registration for every fall and spring semester. Students satisfy this requirement by registering for such coursework or dissertation study as may be required according to their program proposal.

Leaves of absence are not ordinarily granted. If such a leave becomes necessary, the student must submit a written request detailing reasons to his or her adviser and department chair. Such an approved leave, however, does not extend the time limitations for the degree. 

Students may only register for 0 credits of Matriculation Continued if they make a request in writing and have received written approval from the Program Director for a leave of absence for a specified time period. Copies of such correspondence should be placed in the student's files in the Administrative Assistant office. Such leave does not extend the University imposed time limitations for completing the degree: 7 years for students entering with a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology, or with a School Psychology Certificate; 8 years for those coming with a B.A., BA+, or non-psychology advanced degree. 

Students who are obliged to interrupt their studies may, with the approval of their departmental chairperson, register for matriculation continued (leave of absence). There is no tuition fee for this registration although a small fee is charged. This category of registration is available only to students not present on campus and not using faculty time or university research facilities. Those students who are away from campus but working on their dissertations and in contact with their committees register for a minimum of 3 credits per semester, either for work on their dissertation or for internship credits. Students are permitted to register for 1 credit for their dissertation work in any one semester, in lieu of the 3 credit requirement.