Each full-time faculty person and each visiting or contributing faculty member teaching in the current semester, all staff and the clinic managers have mailboxes in Room A302. If the room is locked, you may leave messages, etc. in the mailbox with the key in its lock, which is available from the hallway outside the main office.

All student mailboxes are in the student lounge, Room A263. Do not leave anything valuable there! School related messages and information are regularly placed in student boxes or sent to your e-mail address. Books, circulars, magazines, department store bills, magazine subscriptions, personal mail will not be delivered to your school mailbox; these are to be sent to your local home address.

It is the student's responsibility to keep the registrar and your administrative assistant informed of a current mailing address. You will also need to update your information online at:

Students who are not currently on campus due to internship or dissertation will not be assigned to a mailbox. It is the students' responsibility to direct mail to their new addresses. The main office will not forward mail. If you have a special need for retaining a mailbox at GSAPP during internship or dissertation off- campus, please contact the secretary in the main office.