• The unit of credit used in Rutgers registration is based in part upon a measure of time, with 1 credit equal to 50 minutes a week for a 15 week semester. For statistical, veteran certification and health insurance purposes, a full-time student is defined as one who is taking nine or more credit hours. To maintain matriculation, students need to be registered for 3 credits per semester until they graduate. Tuition is charged by the credit up to 12 credits.
  • Full-time GAs/TAs register the full-time assistantship (two days per week) for 6-E credits.
  • Clinical Psychology students are permitted to register for up to four 3-credit courses in a given semester. If students are interested in taking a fifth 3-credit course, they must have their advisor's approval as well as approval from the department chair before registering. First through third year clinical students are required to register for .5 clinic credits each semester. Advanced students (fourth year and beyond) who see a client through the Clinic must sign up for .5 clinic credits each semester that they are seeing a client. All clinical students who are enrolled in a practicum are required to register for .5 practicum credits in the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • School Psychology students who wish to register for more than 18.5 credits must receive their advisor's approval and special permission from their Department Chairperson. Students are permitted to take a maximum of 21.5 credits (does not include dissertation credits).