Proceedures for Warning, Probation, Suspension or Dismissal

When the probation or warning decision involves faculty or supervisors' judgments of personal or professional behaviors with implications for the student's suitability as a professional psychologist, the Program Director shall appoint a faculty committee to meet with the student and review the alleged deficiencies prior to faculty action. 

Following faculty action, a letter shall be sent to the student notifying him or her of the decision and detailing the terms of warning or probation. In the event that the student wishes to contest the decision he or she should send a letter to the Department Chairperson specifying the basis for the appeal. Grounds for appeal include errors of fact, technical errors, new information and extenuating circumstances. The Chairperson must receive this letter within 3 weeks of the date the letter of warning or probation is postmarked. The faculty will convene within one month of the student's appeal to review the decision. In the event that the appeal is made at the end of the academic year and faculty are not available for such a meeting, it will be held at the earliest possible date in the Fall semester. The department chair will notify the student in writing of the outcome of this appeal. Following departmental action the student may make a final written appeal to the Dean. No further appeal is allowed. The Dean's decision to uphold, to modify, or to remand the probation decision is final.