1. All matriculated students must be in continuous registration for a minimum of 3 credits every fall and spring term through graduation by registering for course work, internship, or dissertation study. The Matriculation Continued category of registration is available only to students who have an approved written leave of absence, are not present on campus, and are not using any faculty time or university research facilities.

PsyD students away from campus but working on their dissertations, in contact with their committees, must register for 3 credits of dissertation studies. (The only exception to this requirement is the student who is already registered for 3 credits of internship.) 

2. During the summer semester--students pay for three dissertation credits if they use faculty time. You may still graduate in October if you defend no later than September 15th.

3. Students who have completed all course requirements and have taken 9 credits of Dissertation and 6 credits of Internship and plan to defend by the September 15th deadline should not register for the Fall semester. However, if you fail to meet the October deadline, you will be back registered for 3 credits of dissertation for the Fall.