Proceedures for Warning, Probation, Suspension or Dismissal

The department faculty reserves the right to require withdrawal of any student who does not maintain standards of scholarship or personal character as understood in general professional conduct or professional conduct as defined by APA and faculty standards.

At least twice each year, faculty will review student performance in courses, practicum settings, clinical casework, comprehensive examinations, and/or internship evaluations. If the faculty are concerned about a student's performance, the Program Director assigns a faculty member to meet with that student, conduct an assessment of the student’s issue, and report back to the departmental faculty no later than the following month during the academic year. Any recommendation to suspend or dismiss a student will be decided by majority faculty vote. Any recommendation for academic suspension or dismissal is communicated in detail in writing to the student, sent by email and registered mail with return receipt requested, with a copy kept in the student's files of the department. This letter is to be sent to the student within 10 working days of the department faculty's recommendation. In the cases of suspension, terms of re-instatement are described in detail. 

If the student wishes to appeal, he or she must request in writing a meeting with the Program Director stating the grounds on which an appeal is made: errors of fact, technical error, new information, and/or extenuating circumstances. This appeal must be made within three weeks of the date of the signed receipt of the departmental letter. During the academic term, the departmental faculty shall convene no later than one month after receipt of the student's written appeal. The decision made at this third meeting is sent in writing to the student within 10 days.

A final appeal may be requested in writing to the Dean. The Dean's decision to uphold, to modify, or to remand the suspension or dismissal decision is final. No further appeals are allowed.

Students who are suspended may not continue coursework in progress at the time of the suspension, nor register for courses until the suspension is lifted. The suspension will be lifted upon majority vote of the department faculty at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Once a student has been terminated from GSAPP, if he or she wishes to apply for readmission at a later date, it is necessary for the former student to go through the complete application process, as any other candidate for admission.  No special procedure will be used.

Faculty may terminate a student who does not complete all the requirements of the program within the time limitations stipulated.