1. The American Psychological Association is the major professional association of psychologists. An annual convention presents a most varied program of symposia, research papers, and invited addresses. By joining APA as a student affiliate you receive the American Psychologist, the APA Monitor, and the annual program. Students are encouraged to join as student affiliates. Write APA for an application, 750 First St., NE, Washington, D.C. 20002 (1-800-374-2721), or visit their at:
  2. Students are also encouraged to join New Jersey Psychological Association as student affiliates. This includes admission to two programs per year, receipt of N.J. Psychologist, and involvement in the politics of psychology at the state level on vital issues. Write NJPA, 349 East Northfield Rd., Suite 211, Livingston, NJ 07039, 973/535-9888; Fax 973/535-6451. Or visit their website:
  3. The NJ Political Action Committee is the political arm of the N.J. Psychological Association. Formed in 1979, it raises funds to hire a professional lobbyist and is actively involved in the political process at the State level.
  4. The Association of Black Psychologists focuses on desire and commitment to addressing the needs of the Black community, particularly those of a psychological nature; to provide a vehicle for increasing the numbers and effectiveness of Blacks engaged in psychological services. Quarterly newsletters are free to members: The Association of Black Psychologists, P.O. Box 2929, Washington, D.C. 20013 (202-722-0779). Or you can visit their website at: There is a NJ Chapter.
  5. The National Assocation of School Psychologist is a major national professional organization for school psychologists,
  6. The NJ Association of School Psychologists (NJASP): Requires certification as a school psychologist by the New Jersey State Department of Education. Student affiliate requires enrollment in a school psychology training program acceptable to the Executive Board. Visit their website at:
  7. Psychological Board of Examiners. For NJ licensing information visit their website at: