The Course Descriptions, which are disseminated approximately one month before registration for the next semester, will state if the instructor has placed a specific limit on the number of students who may be accepted in the course for defined pedagogical reasons.

In order to address the issue and alleviate the problem of students being bumped from courses they have registered for, the following policy has been implemented:

The Student Services Coordinator will conduct a preliminary registration two weeks prior to the registration period asking students to let her know which of the over-subscribed courses they are planning to take. Students who respond are committed to taking the class. If they do not respond, they will not be considered for the class if it is over-subscribed.

If a large number of students wish to take the class, the Student Services Coordinator will ask the instructor to choose who will take the class and to share with those who responded what selection criteria were used. Then, only those students who are chosen can register for the class.