1. Activation of Registration
    A student's registration is activated through the proper submission of a term bill, accompanied by payment, or through an appropriate claim of financial aid.  Activation of registration does not take place if there are holds placed on a student's records because of failure to meet outstanding obligations totaling $100 or more.  Outstanding obligations include parking tickets, library fines, late fees, and unpaid tuition.
  2. Termination of Registration
    The university exercises the right to terminate the registration of any student who has an outstanding financial obligation to the university.  A student whose registration is terminated at any time during the refund period because of nonpayment of amounts owed the university will receive a revised bill based on a refund calculated as if it were a voluntary withdrawal.  The university reserves the right to hold transcripts and diplomas as a result of nonpayment of obligations and to forward delinquent accounts to collection agencies and to levy a collection fee.  Holds are removed upon satisfaction of the outstanding obligation.  The terminated student may petition for reinstatement of enrollment by satisfying the indebtedness to the university and paying a $60 reinstatement fee.
  3. Cancellation of Registration
    To cancel registration and obtain a full refund of tuition and fees, students must notify the registrar in writing prior to the first day of classes.  A student whose registration is cancelled by the registrar will receive a full refund of tuition and fees, and prorated charges for room and board, if applicable.  Notification of cancellation received on or after the first day of classes is treated, for billing purposes, as a withdrawal, and a refund will be made based on the general refund policy.