1) Read the GSAPP Course Description Guide and the Schedule on the website at: Registration Information.

2) Registration for the fall semester begins in mid-spring. Registration for the spring semester begins in mid-fall. Registration is conducted online The registrar will mail registration instructions to all currently registered students at their address of record several weeks prior to the beginning of registration. Students may access the schedule of classes and the registration calendar, as well as other registration services at

3) Changes of registration may be conducted through our student service's coordinator by the end of the drop/add period (first two weeks of the semester) as announced in the Registrar's registration instructions and at the Registrar's website. 'W' grades will be assigned to courses dropped after the announced drop/add period. Refunds will not be issued for grades unless the student is withdrawing from the entire semester within the first six weeks of the semester, and then the refund will be prorated.