PsyD Comprehensive Examination

School Psychology students must take and successfully complete the Oral Specialty Exam at any time after passing the General Comps. The Oral Specialty Exam must be held before scheduling the Dissertation Defense. (11/95). 

The oral specialty examination, one part of the comprehensive examination, takes place between the student and two faculty who serve as the oral specialty committee members. The student obtains the "Proposed Committee & Topic Approval Form" from the Administrative Assistant, completes it and returns it to the Administrative Assistant for the Department Chair's approval. After receiving the student's topic and suggestions as to possible committee members, the Department Chair approves two faculty members to the Oral Specialty Committee.' No more than one faculty member may serve on both the Oral Specialty and the Dissertation Committee. (11/95).

The Committee may include field supervisors approved by the Department Chair. For this examination the student submits a written proposal to each committee member which outlines the content and scope of the topic and which includes a reference list. The proposal is then reviewed by the committee members and returned to the student as approved or with recommendations for changes. When the committee members approve the topic, the Department Chair's final approval is required.

It is the student's responsibility to present a topic for examination that meets the following minimal criteria:

  1. The topic must be different in scholarship (content and scope) from the topic of the dissertation.
  2. The topic must be relevant to the specialty of school psychology.
  3. The topic must have an extant literature that includes theory, concepts and principles, and empirical study.
  4. The topic is acceptable to both faculty examiners.

After the topic has been selected by the student and approved by the faculty committee, the student presents a proposal to the faculty committee members which outlines the content and scope of the topic and which includes a reference list. This proposal is given to each member of the faculty committee at least two weeks prior to the scheduled examination. The proposal is then returned to the student as approved or with any necessary recommendations for approval. Once the approval has been granted, the examination is scheduled by the student - date, time, reserving a location.