Directions regarding the form of the Professional Dissertation are found in the “Dissertation Manual – Principles and Procedures” located at, under the “Current Students/Dissertation Material.” All dissertations submitted to the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the PsyD degree must conform to the instructions in the GSAPP manual. Candidates should familiarize themselves with these instructions before they proceed to their final drafts. Dissertations must adhere to stylistic and technical requirements specified.

Abstracts of all dissertations completed each year since 1976 are available in the Student Coordinator's Office to acquaint students with previous work. Dissertations are now available online through Rutgers library.

Please see the Dissertation Manual for details about steps each student must complete to schedule a dissertation defense, complete the oral defense, and complete the dissertation paper work. Many of these steps are listed in the section, “The Dissertation Defense,” in the Manual and are summarized in the “Dissertation Defense Checklist.”