Direct student payment to faculty for educational services is ordinarily not permissible. If you wish to utilize the educational services of a part-time or full-time faculty member for a time commitment beyond that which the faculty person has committed to GSAPP, and which would require an additional reimbursement to make the particular service available to you, talk with your Department Chairperson. Your department takes the responsibility to find appropriate educational services from the GSAPP's pool of reimbursed or volunteer faculty members. Students are not permitted to pay directly for supervision or other services. 

If you wish GSAPP to sanction a private contract with a faculty member for educational services, you must first submit a written statement to the Department Chair stating:

  • the nature of the educational services required;
  • the faculty member with whom you wish to contract privately;
  • the rate of reimbursement;
  • the reasons why that faculty member is uniquely suited to provide the services;
  • why it appears that this service cannot be provided within the educational program as offered to all students.

Only if the Department Chair provides written approval can you legitimately proceed to contract privately for the educational service.