PsyD Requirements

If a student does not complete the program within the stipulated limits, he or she will be terminated unless their faculty grants a written extension with a specific date and/or timetable for completing the program. 

  • A student admitted to the doctoral program at the bachelor's degree level must complete all requirements of the program within eight years of first registration as a degree student in GSAPP. 
  • A student who has been accepted at an advanced level (a Master’s degree in clinical psychology for the clinical program or a school psychology certification prior to enrollment in the school program) must complete all requirements of the program within seven years of the first registration in GSAPP. 
  • An approved leave of absence does not extend the time limitations.
  • The Department Chair may grant an extension of time for completion of the degree under the following conditions:
    1. The student shall have completed all requirements except the dissertation or internship.
    2. The student must request an extension in writing, including written evidence of progress on the dissertation or internship, setting forth a realistic timetable for their completion. 
    3. The student may have to appear at a hearing of a Departmental Committee, whose members are designated by the Department Chair, appointed to consider whether to grant approval of the extension.
    4. The department may choose to place additional requirements on the student as a condition for granting the extension since the student has not fulfilled the time limits as contracted in the Program Proposal. Additional requirements can include interim submission of material (e.g., submitting dissertation material in writing every three months) or other requirements to demonstrate satisfactory completion of the program.
    5. Given these four conditions, an extension shall be granted only under extraordinary conditions and at the recommendation of the dissertation committee.