Full-Time Students - (Per semester) 

Tuition - New Jersey Resident (12 credits or more)


Tuition - Out of State Resident (12 credits or more)


Campus Fee (9 credits or more)


Computer Fee (based on credit hours) (12 credits or more)


School Fee



Part-Time Students - (Per semester and summer school, which is required for 2 courses.)

Tuition - New Jersey Resident (per credit)


Tuition - Out of State (per credit)


Campus Fee


Computer Fee (based on credit hours, $73.00 - $155.50)  
School Fee



*Resident rates apply to persons who have been bonafide domiciliaries of the State of New Jersey and to persons financially dependent upon parents who have established bonafide domicile in New Jersey for at least 12 months prior to the first day of class. A person over majority age who is still economically dependent upon a parent is not considered independent for tuition residency purposes. Dormitories are not considered as bonafide New Jersey residences.  

There may be an additional expense involved in providing your own transportation to field practica. This expense varies with the distance of the practicum placement from campus or your home.