Degrees are conferred by the University only after a formal application has been filed with the Registrar and upon recommendation of the faculty. Diplomas are given out at the annual commencement each May; a student who completes degree requirements at any other time may request a letter for use until commencement. 

If you wish to receive a letter indicating the exact date of fulfillment of all academic requirements, this can be requested from the Student Services Coordinator upon completion of all requirements, i.e. repayment of all outstanding debts, if any, and receipt of all complete and corrected dissertation copies. This letter will be backdated to the day of the dissertation defense or to the completion of your internship.

The Graduate Diploma Application Form must be completed by the candidate and received by the Registrar:

No later than For diplomas dated
October 1 October
January 4 January
March 15 May
July 15 August

These dates are set by the University and must be followed!  Unless the application is filed by the deadline, the degree will not be conferred and graduation will be delayed.  If you do not complete all requirements in time for the diploma date specified, you must file another application, but there is no charge for filing.

If you do not wish to attend Commencement, indicate that fact on the Graduate Diploma Application. Please note the address to which the diploma may be mailed during the months of June or July.  Diplomas will be withheld from a student who is under any financial obligation to the University.