PsyD Program Proposal

Courses may be waived by the GSAPP course instructor if she or he has satisfied that course by possessing sufficient knowledge, skill, and experience relative to the particular course's content. Any course waived must have a grade of "B" or better.

  • Currently the only waiver exam offered is Statistics. 
  • For any other course, the instructor may sign the course waiver form or require any combination of the following tasks before signing the waiver:
    1. an oral test of course content;
    2. a simulation problem or exercises relative to course content;
    3. a written paper as a response to an issue, question, or task relative to the course
    4. attendance in selected course classes/meetings, which cover areas of content that were not included in the student’s prior courses/experiences;
    5. a written waiver exam. See student coordinator for schedule of dates.
  • A practicum waiver requires specific information on the agency, population served, supervision, and number of supervised hours. To waive some of the required practicum hours, this form must be signed by the Coordinator of Practicum Training. The practicum waiver form is separate from the course waiver form.