Headshot of David Shernoff
Associate Professor, Director, The Rutgers Center for Mathematics, Science, and Computer Education

Dr. Shernoff is Associate Professor of School Psychology, and Director of the Rutgers Center for Mathematics, Science, and Computer Education(CMSCE). The mission of the CMSCE is to improve STEM education in New Jersey and beyond through research and... read more

Phone: 630-418-0162
Website: CMSCE
Associate Teaching Professor

Dr. Karen Skean's primary professional interests include clinical training and supervision; short-term dynamic psychotherapy, couples psychotherapy, philosophy and psychology; psychodynamic and integrative psychotherapy.  In addition to teaching and supervising students at GSAPP, she maintains a... read more

Office: Psychology, A205
Phone: 732-247-7489
Program Coordinator-Clinical Psychology Department
Office: Psychology, A303
Phone: 848-445-3980
Jennifer Summers
Program Coordinator II , Office of Professional Development and Continuing Education (OPDCE)
Associate Director of the Center of alcohol and Substance Use studies, Research Professor in the Applied Department

Margaret (Peggy) Swarbrick, PhD, FAOTA, has made significant contributions to... read more

Office: SMH 222
Headshot of Jamie Walkup
Professor, Clinical Psychology Department

James Walkup's early training was in philosophy, first at Yale University, then as a Rotary Foundation Graduate Fellow at St. Andrews University (Scotland). After receiving his Ph.D. degree in clinical psychology, he held a postdoctoral fellowship in inpatient psychiatry at SUNY (Downstate). In... read more

Office: Psychology, A209
Phone: 212-518-3091
Assistant Teaching Professor , Director, Master of Applied Psychology (MAP), Department of Applied Psychology

Deirdre M. Waters is an assistant teaching professor and Director of the Master of Applied Psychology program at GSAPP. She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology from The University of Denver's GSPP, a master's degree from Montclair... read more

Office: Nelson D322
Associate Professor, School Psychology Department

Joanna Lee Williams earned her master’s degree in human development from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology from Temple University. As a developmental psychologist, her primary interest is the... read more

Office: Nelson, D
Headshot of Terry Wilson
Professor II Emeritus, Oscar Krisen Buros Professor

G. Terence Wilson has been a member of the Rutgers faculty since 1971. In 1985, he was appointed Oscar K. Buros Professor of Psychology. In addition to his faculty role in the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, he has also served as director of clinical training in the Ph.D... read more

Office: Psychology, A349
Phone: 848-445-3983
Business Manager, Business Office
Office: Psychology, A307
Phone: 848-445-3968

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