Dr. Kathryn Garcia

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Director, Children (and Families) Healing After Trauma (CHAT) Clinic
Phone: 848 445-1152

Kathryn Garcia, PsyD,  is a NJ licensed psychologist and the director of the CHAT clinic, Children (and Families) Healing After Trauma at the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP). Prior to coming to GSAPP, Dr. Garcia worked as a non-traditional School Psychologist. In her role, Dr. Garcia developed school-wide programs focused on building a sense of community centered on respect and diversity. She functioned as the Anti-bullying Specialist, through which she led counseling groups, conducted conflict resolution meetings, and created grade-level interventions to prevent and combat issues related to bullying and interpersonal dynamics. Dr. Garcia led numerous professional development trainings for teachers and staff in the areas of student behavior, trauma in schools, and self-care. In addition, Dr. Garcia worked alongside a variety of community agencies to support students in the areas of mental health and academics. For the past two decades, Dr. Garcia has invested in the community, volunteering at local non-profits, servicing children and families in need.